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Supporting Our Parish

  • Weekly Offertory:  Gifts to our Offertory collection help to sustain our operating budget and provide for many of our Ministries offered here.  Included in Offertory are the weekly, Christmas, and Easter collections.
  • Extraordinary Expenses:  This collection taken up the third weekend of each month helps to support the maintenance of our buildings as well as helping to fund larger repair projects.  If you would like to make a donation towards a specific project, contact the Parish office to learn about projects currently underway or being planned.

Financial Summary and Giving Reports

Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries

How and Ways to Give

  • To receive weekly Offertory envelopes, please contact Chris Heemann in the church office or call us at 410-433-2300.
  • Learn about our Take the Next Step program, which is launched each year in the Fall to encourage an increase (or beginning) of weekly Offertory giving for each Parishioner/household.
  • The Parish encourages everyone to consider GiveCentral, an online giving program that can be set up to automatically process gifts directly from bank accounts at the frequency set up by the donor.  It is an extremely easy program to use and is safe and trustworthy with your bank accounts.  It allows you to choose the frequency that you give, to which collections you wish to donate, and more!  Click the button below for details and contact our office with any questions!
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