Thank you for choosing the Community of Saint Matthew.  I hope you will be at home and find opportunities to minister and share with many others in the Church.  There are people in the Community from about 45 different countries, and we work hard on getting to know each other and sharing our faith, food, and life.  I am also Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church and you are welcome to visit there at your convenience, if you would like.  It is a lively community at 4103 Old York Road; Baltimore, MD 21218.  Saint Matthew and Blessed Sacrament are learning to share their church-life together.
We invite you to visit our website to see all the various activities and groups we have to offer here, or call our office:  410-433-2300.  Use the links in the top menu bar to learn about all the different Ministries and programs we offer and how you can get involved.  You will find a brief description of each as well as the point of contact.  You are welcome to pray about any of these opportunities to see where the Lord is leading you.  You can also learn about our staff, bulletins, events, and how to contact us.  Additionally, please stay in touch with us electronically to receive Sunday bulletins, information on upcoming events, and more by joining our Parish-wide Flocknote email list.
If you would like to talk to me for any reason, you can contact me at your convenience.  I can be reached by email or call my office:  410-433-2300, ext. 102.  You can also download a Parish registration form here and it can be turned in by being dropped off, emailed, or mailed to our office.  You can fill out the registration form directly on your computer by clicking each box and filling them out!  If you are able to, we are always very grateful for financial support of the Parish.  Giving through weekly Offertory or online giving through GiveCentral (online giving is preferred) are two great ways to help support our Ministries and our daily operating budget.  Learn more about different ways of giving here.
Please feel free to contact us or visit us with any questions!  We hope you will find your visit to this website helpful and know that you are always welcome here.  I look forward to getting to know you and having you participate in the life of the Catholic Church.  Welcome to Saint Matthew Parish.
Father Matthew Buening