As we make plans to open the church for Mass once again, we want to give you some information to read over.  Please know that we have taken into consideration keeping the livestream while adding the in-person Mass and therefore times have been adjusted.  Remembering we are acting as one Parish with two locations, both Saint Matthew Parishioners and Blessed Sacrament Parishioners are invited to attend any of the in-person Masses.  Here is the upcoming schedule for the next few weekends:

December 6 Livestream Mass (no congregation) from Blessed Sacrament at 9:30 AM

                          In-person Mass (congregation may attend) at Saint Matthew at 11:30 AM

Registration is CLOSED for this Sunday, 12/6.  Registration for Sunday, 12/13 will open on Monday, 12/7!

December 13 Livestream Mass (no congregation) from Saint Matthew at 9:30 AM

                             In-person Mass (congregation may attend) at Blessed Sacrament at 11:30 AM

December 20 Livestream Mass (no congregation) from Blessed Sacrament at 9:30 AM

                            In-person Mass (congregation may attend) at Saint Matthew at 11:30 AM

In-person Masses

  • Registration is required, as the number of attendees will be limited.  A link will be sent to access the registration information.
  • Important health screening questions will be included in this registration process.  Click here for the questions.

We strongly recommend that you not attend Mass if you or someone in your household is pregnant or has a serious health condition.  This is an act of charity and generosity towards your fellow Parishioners, and the Archbishop has granted dispensation for the Sunday Mass obligation for the foreseeable future.

When arriving for Mass, please know that…

1)  Everyone over the age of five must wear a face covering that fully covers the nose and mouth and is secured to the person’s head.

2)  You will be asked to respond to health screening questions again.

3)  “No touch” thermometers will be used to take your temperature before being admitted.

4)  Every household will be seated by our trained monitors; you cannot choose your seat (accommodations will be made for those with limited mobility or hearing issues).

Changes to Liturgy:

  • Each household will be seated at least six feet from others, and all must wear masks.
  • There will be no congregational singing – all Mass responses will be recited.
  • No hymnals, Bibles, missals, or bulletins will be available.
  • There will be a basket for your offering which you may use on your way to communion.
  • Mass will conclude with communion – all receiving communion must receive the Body of Christ in the hand. All need to come forward to either receive communion, receive a blessing or to leave. All congregants must proceed directly out of the church building.


You can watch the 9:30 AM Mass live on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday!  Visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch recorded Masses from previous weeks.

Previously recorded Masses: