November 14, 2021: Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time




Dear friends in Christ,

Thank you very much for those who were able to attend our “Town Hall 2.0” meeting last Sunday. We had a great in person meeting at Blessed Sacrament and an online meeting on Zoom. There was further discussion and comments about our Mass survey and schedule. No decisions have been made and if there are changes it will most likely not happen before the new year. We heard from the comments that Saint Matthew would like to have a later in the morning Sunday Mass in addition to the Saturday Vigil Mass and the 9 AM Mass. We also heard that Blessed Sacrament really loves their Mass time.

We also talked about continuing the good work we have already been doing for quite some time of becoming a pastorate:  one church family of faith at two beautiful locations. The Pastorate Council has been hard at work approving new By-laws that can be viewed on our website. This is all part of the process of renewing our efforts to work together after COVID put a hold on so many things, including pastorate council elections. We are currently looking for nominees and those interested who would like to run for election in January. Our becoming one pastorate will be a blessing for both Churches in the future.

The two biggest things I took away from these meetings though is what will be the priorities that ensure we thrive and grow as a pastorate for the next few hundreds of years! It seemed clear to me that there were two essential things that came up. The first is our young children, young adults, and families. This is obviously the most important thing for any Church. Reaching families and their children of any age must be our priority. We need to take a closer look at why families and kids have not been coming back to Church. Maybe it has something to do with the lingering pandemic or maybe it is something we can start to offer again or some new creative way to reach young people that we can start doing at our parishes. I think in the townhall meetings I heard loud and clear that the question we should ask to guide our decisions about everything from Mass schedules to Music is: “How does this help us serve the youth and young adults to keep them active in their faith?”

Another topic we talked about for the long-term thriving of our parishes is the evangelization and outreach to the neighborhoods of which we are a part. Anyone looking for a spiritual home in the surrounding neighborhoods should be invited and welcomed to join us. We all know that we excel at welcoming people. Perhaps we should start asking ourselves if we are just as good at inviting folks to join the Catholic Church? For example, right now we do not have anyone in the RCIA program, which is for adults who desire to be baptized, confirmed, and enter full communion with the Church. Do you know someone who is curious about Catholicism? Invite them to consider joining our RCIA program by reaching out to Sr. Andre or myself.

If you are wondering what this Synod stuff is all about, I think meetings like we had last Sunday are what a Synodal Church looks to be. Hearing each other and being guided by the Holy Spirit is challenging and exciting. May God bless us all and help us!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Matt








Mass Times for Our Community

From the beginning of the pandemic through the transition to a new pastor, our community has been through a lot.  Our faith and our unity have been our strength.  As we start to come back together to worship, we hope our new trial Mass schedule with help us grow in faith and unity.  We wanted a Mass schedule that makes it possible for Fr. Matt and Deacon Paul to be able to celebrate with us.  We also want to emphasize that we are one Pastorate, one community, with two beautiful worship sites where all are welcome!

Our schedule is:

  • Saturday:  Confessions at 3 PM and Mass at 5 PM (Saint Matthew)
  • Sunday:  Mass at 9 AM (Saint Matthew) and 11 AM (Blessed Sacrament)

One Sunday Mass will still be livestreamed; the 1st and very last Sundays from Blessed Sacrament and the other Sundays from Saint Matthew.

We hope to continue this schedule for a while and then evaluate again how it is working as a Pastorate community going forward.  Hope to see you at our vigil Mass or the early or late Mass at either of our beautiful Parishes – all are welcome!



2022 envelope boxes!

Envelopes will be distributed beginning next weekend, November 20th and 21st.  Please be on time and pick up your envelopes promptly.  They will be available by appointment to pick up during the week at the office and at weekend Masses until the Fourth Sunday of Advent.



Have you heard about Synod 2021 – 2023?

Pope Francis has called the People of God to participate in the life and mission of the Universal Church.

Date for a Parish Synod listening session to be determined.  More details to come!

Click here for a presentation given to the Pastoral Council about the Synod!

Click here for an FAQ sheet on the Synod!





  • A Catholic Response to an Epidemic Please note that some of this information was published before all Parishes were closed.
  • Magnificat online – free resources for prayer including each day’s Readings for Mass (weekdays and weekends), Liturgy of the Hours, and more.  To access the Readings for Mass, scroll down to Magnificat online edition, U.S. edition.
  • My Parish App This the Readings and prayers for the Sunday Celebration of the Mass and much more!
  • Find more resources here!




Online Rosary – Saturdays at 10 AM:

As covid-19 and other challenges to our society continue to be with us, our prayers and our actions are still needed!  Therefore, you are invited to join us for a chat, share what you are experiencing, and share what you would like to pray for as we pray the Rosary together.

For this meeting we ask you to register, just for an added layer of security. To register click this link and follow the directions:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the meeting.  You can register up until Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.




Weekly Bible Study with Deacon Paul from Blessed Sacrament – Thursdays from 8 to 9 PM:

This Bible Study is conducted by phone conference and the conversation concerns the Readings for the coming Sunday.  Anyone is welcome to call in and participate or simply listen.

The number to call is:  425-436-6356 

When asked for the code dial:  698937


You can also join the call by ZOOM!

Join Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID:  868 9378 6919
By phone with no video:  1-301-715-8592


The Readings for each week’s Bible Study can be found on the USCCB website at the following link:


You can watch one weekend Mass LIVE on Facebook and on YouTube every Sunday!  See the schedule above for Mass online.  Visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch recorded Masses from previous weeks.

PLEASE call or check our website for ALL schedule changes.

The Parish office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.  Please continue to send in your Offertory envelopes and consider signing up for GiveCentral online giving!

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