Dear friends in Christ,

This weekend we are giving the annual Pastorate financial report.  I know that sometimes these things look like just a bunch of numbers, but they are important.  Every one of those numbers represent our faith in God and the trust you put in our faith community and parish family.  Every donation you give is a precious gift that carries with it a great responsibility to be used well to keep our Churches going strong and bring forth the kingdom of God.  So let me begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.  Everything we do – from the upkeep of our buildings and campuses to the Sacraments we celebrate from the beginning of our lives to our final goodbye and every moment in between are made possible by your sacrificial giving.  Our Faith Formation and the many ministries and services to all parishioners and our neighbors would not be possible without your contributions, thank you!

The financial report in our bulletins this weekend is from last Fiscal Year, which began in June 2020 and ended in July 2021.  One thing to point out is that our offertory collections at both parishes was over budget and that is a good thing.  However, what you can’t see is the trends from previous years in regard to our offertory which has been steadily decreasing, as it is in many Churches along with attendance.  This speaks into our need to evangelize and be missionary disciples by inviting our neighbors, friends, family, and everyone into a relationship with Jesus Christ in our Churches.  We can and will talk about stewardship and what we can give, but nothing is more important than the effort we all share in helping our Churches to grow.

Both of our Churches, St. Matthew and Blessed Sacrament, finished the year with a net income in the black, that is a good thing as well.  However, as you can see without the PPP loan and its forgiveness St. Matthew’s in particular would have had an exceedingly difficult year.  Blessed Sacrament was in the black for both its net operating income and its net income.

The final thing I want to point out, and it cannot be emphasized enough, is some looming large expenses at both Churches that are going to need to be addressed somehow.  At St. Matthew’s our 50+ year old Heating and Air Conditioning units are reaching the end of their usable lives.  We have some expert parishioners who are working with the excellent company we use that keeps them working and they are developing a plan about what needs to be done and when.  It is a huge job and an especially important and expensive one. At Blessed Sacrament we have long overdue work on repairing and repainting the windows on one side of the Church and the rose window and steeple windows.  It is our hope during this 110th anniversary year we can use funds already collected and raise new funds to complete that project.

Thank you again for all you do to keep our pastorate strong and vibrant.  We have challenges ahead, but we are full of hope and joy!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Matt

Click here to view the Parish’s financial summary for the fiscal year July 2020 – June 2021!